Wit And Wisdom

Wisdom is all very well, but a healthy of dollop of wit does no harm either. This is one of my core beliefs. When Reader’s Digest was a must-read, one of its most popular monthly features was a pot pourri of humour and jokes under the banner: ‘Laughter the best medicine’.

How sad that so many people, so many companies, so many agencies seem to believe that to be taken seriously you have to be relentlessly serious. It simply isn’t true. The judicious – and indeed natural – use of wit and humour can break down barriers and open doors. Just a few reasons:

  • Humour puts people at ease
  • It makes them want to work with you. And buy from you!
  • It relaxes, which often helps creative thinking
  • It makes you approachable, which builds trust
  • It makes people smile, which itself makes the conference room a happier place

It has been an easy learning for me in the world of advertising and communications – it makes you likeable and gives you stand out and differentiation, all at the same time.

Just look at award winning commercials and campaigns. How many of them make you smile, and appeal to your sense of humour? A lot. A disproportionate number.

So if wit makes the end product stand out and work better – and it often does – why not use wit alongside wisdom in the meeting process? Mote was invented to make meetings more effective, and also more user-friendly. In that regard healthy doses of humour will do no harm.

It’s funny how well funny works.