We’re all fascinated by success. How you define it. Why and how it happens. What influences it. How we can achieve it. It is the great intangible, involving the perfect combination of myriad business skills:

  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Technology
  • Reinvestment of profits in growth
  • Re-engineering (BPR)
  • Ruthless cost control
  • Communication

But how can an individual or business achieve success without any stress on process?



Analyse the calendar function on the computers, tablets and mobile devices of millions of executives, and what will you find? Wall-to-wall meetings. Even conservative estimates say that we spend more than a quarter of our working lives in meetings. From the same set of statistics comes another estimate – that over 50% of that meeting time is wasted.

Yet meetings appear central to the way process works in the vast majority of organisations – and no-one seems to want to tell the truth about them. Can you embody leadership through meetings? Can you innovate effectively through meetings? Is creativity evolved in meetings?

What is the truth about meetings?

  • There are too many of them
  • They involved too many people
  • There are too many items on the agenda
  • They last too long
  • They are unfocused and destroy productivity

There is remarkably little recognition and valid criticism of:

  • Poor meeting management
  • Poor meeting technique
  • Poor meeting etiquette

Yet most organisations – large and small – are hampered by unproductive, timewasting meetings in their drive for success.

  • The meeting – which should be the production line, the key process element, the engine of business – has become a traffic jam and a blocked artery
  • People in companies need to interact and develop ideas
  • People need to innovate
  • People need to manage projects
  • People need to make decisions
  • To do this they deserve a ‘better meeting’

The Mote is that better meeting and a life-changing way forward.

When you learn how to mote you open up the pathways to business success. Empower people, inspire innovation, promote productivity, and mote your way to your business goals. Mote is business process re-engineering. Mote can transform your business.

Mote makes things happen by creating and ecosystem for progress and change, and harnessing the skill and commitment of Moters and experts to drive projects and decisions.

Our role is help your business implement the mote system and turbocharge your business processes, claiming back valuable time, revenue and focus, and giving your teams the ability to make not just a decision, but the right decision .

We will consult, advise, train and implement the mote system in your organisation. Contact us now to discover how you can benefit from mote.

Our expert MOTERS will facilitate every aspect of the Mote trial in your organisation. Ideally they will attend every Mote session, not only to note processes and progress but to ensure effective implementation of Mote strengths for your organisations needs and to reach agreed Decisions.

Our moters will give your relevant colleagues the training, practise and exercises they need so everyone learns how to overcome these problems. There are solutions to all the above issues. And the opportunity to turn those solutions to the benefit of your business.

Contact us now to find out more and turbocharge your decision making.