The Book

Mote: The Super Meeting

Mote : The Super Meeting by David Wethey

Published June 2015


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Better meetings. Better decision makers. Better decisions – history, assumptions, culture

Part One: The Great Meetings Dilemma

  1. Why do we need better meetings?
  • ROI – time means money
  • Meetings the bane of corporate existence
  • Alignment doesn’t produce decisions
  • But discussion and debate can help a lot
  • Poor process and what we can learn from it
  • Taking meetings seriously, and why they can so easily be ineffective.
  1. The Meetings Dilemma
  • The Hydra syndrome – everyone going off in different directions at the same time
  • Confusion between process and content – talking about how to discuss topic or what to discuss
  • Unclear roles and responsibilities
  • Data overload
  • Repetition – going over same ideas again and again
  • Traffic problem – managing conversation and ensuring everyone gets chance to speak
  • Confused objectives and expectations
  • Problem avoidance
  • Poor meeting environments
  1. Becoming great Decision Makers
  • The role of decision-making in high performing companies
  • Your role as decision maker
  • New Perspectives on what decision-making is and how to apply it in daily business life as an individual and team member.
  • Why everyone should strive to be a Smart Decision Maker
  • A clear understanding of the principles and techniques of decision-making as a foundation for success.
  1. Creating a Decision Culture through better meetings
  • Decision-making: the cornerstone of high performance companies…and people.
  • Good Behaviour – Decisiveness as a cornerstone of high performing companies. Bringing entrepreneur principles into the corporate environment
  • Bad Behaviour – Nightmares, decision traps, reasons why corporate decision making is so often flawed
  • Understand why successful organisations require a high level of decision making .
  • Go from dysfunction to high performance decision-making
  • Improve Decision Making by re-engineering the meeting
  • Use new, improved meetings to bring about a major improvement in a business’s decision making

Part Two: From Meeting to Mote

  1. Introducing the Mote
  • Deconstructing the meeting and reconstructing it as something else
  • What is a Mote? Where does it come from?
  • History, derivation
  • A Mote is a turbocharged meeting dedicated to making a decision
  • Types of motes
  1. Preparing the Mote
  • Preparation is everything; Goal? Decision?
  • That’s the ONLY item on the agenda
  • What has to be done off-line
  • Planning (the Pre-Mote)
  • Data, information, analysis
  • Who attends?
  • Stepladder technique
  • Leader
  • Navigator
  • Casting – add only one member at a time
  • The Diamond shape
  • Start small
  • Bring in experts
  • Narrow down the group as we near a decision
  • Good behaviour
  • Debating Society conventions
  • No overtalking
  1. Conducting the Mote
  • Key DOs and DON’Ts
  • There’s no magic formula. We need to practise and do exercises to learn how to overcome these problems. There are solutions to all the above issues – and demonstrate
  • The techniques of conducting a successful mote
  1. Realizing the Mote
  • Communicating the Decision- Enlisting the implementers
  • Implementation – making the decision right
  • Tracking the Decision- assuring performance
  • Learning and feedback

Conclusion – Ten Points of Mote

Appendix – Survey your organisation

Appendix 2 – A checklist of how to prepare for a successful Mote