More Than Words Can Say

Have you ever stopped to marvel at how much communication – and therefore how much persuasion – is non-verbal?

The cast list of other influencers – beyond words – is huge. Let’s start with two major stimuli in the business world – numbers and visual aids (diagrams, charts etc). We can look at it both ways. Either the figures and the visual aids are amplifying the words in a document or presentation, or the words are captioning the other elements.

Then there’s touch, smell, sound (obviously including music), visual (including film, photography, painting, sculpture, design, graphic design, illustration, landscape, buildings, interior design – and also beauty in all its forms), food, drink, entertainment, sport, violence, fear…..and of course sex.

That’s just a short list. Non-verbal communication also embraces body language, facial expressions

Bear this in mind when you are planning your next meeting – and hopefully it will be a Mote.