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By RovingMike on 15 Jun. 2015
‘Suffice it to say David is right. Well many of the meeting-haters amongst us probably knew it already, but the point is we didn’t have an alternative to point to. The meeting organisers always had right on their side and there was some kind of logic to everyone being involved, so we were all on the same page, blah, blah. Rugby, not Relay, I think they called it. The fact that the page we were on easily became a static, confused, divisive, or expensive one, was an occupational hazard we had to endure. The scrum ruled. Well the meeting isn’t gone, but to stretch the rugby analogy a bit further, David has slimmed it down and organised it to fit the speed and efficiency of the 7 a side game rather than the lumbering 15 a side.’

By Mike Dickson on 11 Jun. 2015
‘Most of us have lived with meetings being a ‘necessary evil’. We often say at the end of them ‘Now let’s get back to work’. Motes are a brilliant way of turning that thought on its head.
David Wethey skilfully and meticulously sets out how Motes (super meetings) can be used to actively drive business forward.
Once you read the book you start to see how Motes can become the engine of your business.
It’s difficult to think of any organisation in which that won’t be seen as a welcome step change in the way things get done – faster and more effectively.’

By Louise on 15 Jun. 2015
‘Insightful and inspiring! I was captivated by the section on profiling which really brings down the act of meeting to what it essentially is: the coming together of individuals with often different standpoints and personalities. This is a highly recommended read for anyone who wishes to establish a meeting culture based on value, productiveness and results.’

By Fiona B. on 12 Jun. 2015
‘Innovative and informative, David Wethey’s manual for action and productivity ‘Mote’ succinctly delivers how to implement the better way to meet in an easy and relevant manner. I can’t wait to cut back on antiquated inefficient meetings; time saving and effective, i’m convinced, Motes are the future for me!’



Read Compass Points review of the book here:

Happy First Birthday to one of our wonderful publishers Urbane – who celebrated in style with a terrific party in London this week. One of the authors there was David Wethey – author of Mote: the Super Meeting: the Radical Way to Work Together for Positive Change. Now this is an interesting book – it shows how by reinventing their concept of what a meeting is, a company can completely transform their business. All of us spend far too long in meetings – even conservative estimates say that we spend more than a quarter of our working lives in one, and that over 50% of that meeting time is wasted. Yet meetings appear central to the way process works in the vast majority of organizations – and no-one seems to want to tell the truth about them. Can you embody leadership through meetings? Can you innovate effectively through meetings? Is creativity evolved in meetings? David Wethey tells us why Mote is a life-changing way forward. When you learn how to mote you open up the pathways to business success, empower people, inspire innovation, promote productivity, and mote your way to your business goals. This really sounds very interesting and its unique model has been tested in global companies like Google and McCann. David Wethey wrote the bestselling Decide and I think this book could do equally well. Moting for all!

Here’s David explaining the concept to Compass MD Alan Jessop – who I’m afraid doesn’t seem to be quite getting it! Mote: The Super Meeting: The Radical Way to Work Together for Positive Change. (pb, £12.99, 978 1909273207) has just been published by Urbane, and you can find out more and order Mote here

And if you’d like to find out a bit more about Moting – than go to the website here!


Mote was featured in City AM London on 3rd May 2016: