Clever Clogs

Too many clever people around one conference table frequently cancel each other out.

Two people are more agile, and out-perform conference rooms full of clever people. Faux democracy has much to answer for when meetings of all the ‘right people’ fail to deliver.

The moment you see lots of chairs around a table in a meeting room, take time to reflect that the meeting problem has already started. All those egos. All those agendas. The attraction of speaking over listening. The influence of the loudest. The marginalisation of the quieter ones. Whereas a determined twosome can make dramatic progress – in moving a project forward, or towards a decision.

Clever is a good thing. But too much cleverness in one room? Take a one hour meeting with ten people. That’s an average of six minutes airtime each. You can only imagine the frustration! No wonder clever can slow things down. Clever clogs!