Why Mote?

Everyone knows that companies hold too many meetings, which involve too many people and last too long. Everyone is well aware that their diaries are jam-packed with meetings, to the exclusion of thinking time, creation and innovation, and the ability to react quickly and be proactive often.

But nothing ever changes

Companies relentlessly rely on a meeting culture. Every board room, conference room and meeting room is booked all the time. Meetings take place all the time in canteens. If you ring a company executive, they are inevitably ‘in a meeting’.

So in most organisations WORK is defined by meetings

This doesn’t just apply to internal meetings. Global companies have endless meetings of their multinational executives. People in service industry spend the time that is free from internal meetings in meetings with clients and customers. And to prepare for the external meetings, they need even more internal meetings for sales or creative development

Yet strangely companies hire individuals, not meeting attendees. Organisation charts still feature individuals not teams

Invented by David Wethey, and very loosely based on ‘stepladder’ problem-solving methodology, Mote is a streamlined system and process for running more effective meetings. The process is driven by a two person team – the Leader (who is tasked with driving a project or a decision) and a Navigator (a meeting specialist responsible for facilitation, casting and logistics). Specialists and experts are added as needed, and stood down when they have made their contribution.

Why does implementing the mote system pay?

Better meetings make better decisions
Cost of meetings – time is money. Mote guarantees a better ROI
Mote allows time and emphasis for innovation
Moters bring about positive cultural change – internally & externally
Mote is universally applicable and pay-grade agnostic – Moting for all

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