Analyse the calendar function on the computers, tablets and mobile devices of millions of professionals, and what will you find? Wall-to-wall meetings. Even conservative estimates say that we spend more than a quarter of our working lives in meetings, and that over 50% of that meeting time is wasted.

Yet meetings appear central to the way process works in the vast majority of organizations – and no-one seems to want to tell the truth about them. Can you embody leadership through meetings? Can you innovate effectively through meetings? Do meetings result in positive decisions? Mote IS that better meeting and a life-changing way forward. When you learn how to mote you open up the pathways to business success. Empower people, inspire innovation, promote productivity, enable decision making -and get Mote-ivated to transform your organisation!


‘I believe Mote can offer a solution to the challenges and dilemmas of our meeting dominated working culture.’

Martin Riley, former CMO of the Pernod Ricard Groupe and President of the World Federation of Advertisers 2013-2015





The Mote Meeting blog

Ideas can go down as well as up

‘Ideas are like jokes and gifts’, David Wethey explains. Researching the world of ideas and creativity for my new book THE VERY IDEA! has been a fascinating experience. I think we’ve all worked out that only a small minority of people in business are what you would call natural and consistent idea generators. My goal […]

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Do you sincerely want to make millions of pounds?

I am very conscious that the advice and tips I regularly offer might have helped you in some way (at least I hope so), but are unlikely to have made you rich. This may all be about to change! As Brexit bites, salary increases become harder to achieve, and white pad person joins white van […]

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Idea begins with I

Surprisingly so do so many of the words associated with generating and developing ideas, for example: Imagination, inspiration, innovation and invention. Insight, intuition, intelligence and inclination. Immersion, inclusion, introspection and interpretation. Inversion, intervention and intrusion Infusion, immersion and implosion. Illusion, impression and illustration. There are more. It’s almost uncanny. There’s an urban myth that being […]

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